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Each week we will explore one of the traditional themes of Advent.  

Week One - Hope

Week Two - Peace

Week Three - Love

Week Four - Joy

You will be invited to reflect on these themes through poetry, scripture, contemporary writings, art and other items.  Questions and suggestions will be offered at the end for your own reflection.  Each meditation is available as a pdf download that you can use on your computer/tablet or print off if you wish. (see below) The meditation will be posted on Thursday for the next week.

How to use these meditations:

You can use them on your own.  Take your time each week thinking through what is offered. Focus on what grabs your attention.  Do not feel compelled to use all the material.  Remember that the weekly sermons are also on these topics and will be posted in print form on the Sermon page of this website.

You may want to write your reflection down.  You might want to dig out your water colours (or go and buy some) and paint something.  You are only limited by your imagination. 

Feel free to experiment each week.

Online Small Group via Zoom:

You can join with others once a week to share in community.  Whether you’ve taken some time already with the material, or want to break out your pencil crayons and a blank page when we meet, you can join a group of others from the church as we listen to each other and share how the various themes are speaking to us.

If you’d like to join in with the virtual group each week, please email Ruthanne so she can send you a link to the meeting.

If you know of someone who doesn’t have internet access, please offer to print off the meditations for them if they’d like to participate.  They can also join our virtual meetings by phone.