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People, throughout the ages, have seen signs that point their minds and hearts in the direction of God's loving presence.  Glynnice Avery shares the following:

Whenever I see a cardinal I immediately feel God's love.  When my good friend passed away I noticed a number of cardinals and at least 2 visits daily for several weeks.  When I mentioned this to my friend's husband he told me that others had shared their cardinal sightings and felt "Marie's presence".  

Another sighting that brings light is a rainbow.  When we were purchasing our current home I asked God for a sign that this was the right decision.  We were at Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist and a double rainbow covered the sky.  That was our sign.  I also felt a strong sense of peace.

Now when I see a rainbow I thank God for the sign of hope and increase of faith.