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Thank You


Dear Veteran:


You made a great sacrifice so we could be free.

You left your family, scared and unsure of your future.

Maybe you were resigned to your fate, or maybe you fought against it.

You came home in triumph, receiving hugs from your loved ones.

You  came home in a casket, your family mourning for the life that twas stolen from you by war.

You were young, just out of school, determined to make your country proud.

You were a husband and a father, having to leave your children to grow up without you.

Your family held on to you with tears in their eyes, you were the third son to be sent off to war.

You didn’t have any family to send you off.

Your bravery inspired a nation.

Nobody knew your name.

However, your story goes, today we remember you, veteran.

We remember your sacrifice, we realize all you gave up to protect our country.

Wherever you are now, we thank you.


~ Amelia Galbraith