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Dear People of Ascension,
It is always a pleasure to come back from holidays to our parish, especially to be greeted by the riot of colour and life in our front garden!  (Yes, that is a picture from our front garden).  

I hope summer is treating you well and giving you time to enjoy the great outdoors, visit with friends and family and be blessed by the delicious and abundant fresh produce from local gardens and fields.  There is a liveliness to this season that speaks to our spiritual journeys.  Let us always remember that God is a God of life and renewal.  Let us hold in our hearts and our imaginations the beauty and unending perseverance of God's creation as we enjoy our summer sojourn.

I am back at work 1/2 time now, that is, 20 hours a week.  I will be focusing on our Sunday gatherings, getting caught up with administrative tasks and planning for the fall.  You will find me around the parish on Sundays through Wednesdays this month.  If you'd like to meet with me, do not hesitate to let me know (you can send me an email at  If you know of a critical pastoral need, please do let me know about that.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement as I've continued my journey of healing.  I can say that I am feeling much better.  I'm not sure there is ever a "going back to the way it was before" - for any of us!  That said, I do sense renewal and life during the many adjustments you and I have had to make in recent years.  I look forward to exploring with you what God has in store for our community as we regather this fall.

With a spirit hope,