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Dear People of Ascension!

It is good to be back!  It truly is!  How grateful I am to have a job that I look forward to returning to.  And especially this year, as more and more of us are fully vaccinated, things are slowly and cautiously opening up.  I hope that you've had some opportunities to be with friends and family a bit more and have been able to enjoy the summer weather - on the golf course, at the lake or in your garden.

I truly cannot wait to open up the church, to regather and to come around the table of our Lord together, breaking bread, renewing faith.  I look forward to opportunities to catch up, to visit, to listen.  In the meantime, for those of you who are around town, please drop in to our Wednesday morning "Priest on the Lawn" to catch up and connect. Click Here for More Info.  

Along with the anticipation of regathering and finding our way as a church community in the "new normal", it goes without saying that our hearts are heavy with the many realities our nation and our globe are currently facing.  From continued revelations from residential schools in Canada, to the devestating impacts of climate change we can easily feel overwhelmed and helpless.  Into these difficult realities the gospel always speaks with a word of hope, justice and truth.  It is my hope that we will, as a parish community, grapple with the hard questions, find courage to answer with wisdom and patience and lots of love to seek the pathways of healing - for ourselves, for our neighbours and for our world.  Please be a part of these conversations this fall - whether in formal meetings, during Bible Study, or on the walkway after church.  Let us all continue to learn to listen well, speak slowly and seek the wisdom of God's heart.

My plan is to be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to noon during August.  I will be around other times as well, but these are dedicated times that I will be available at the church.  You are most welcome to call or drop by for a quick hello during these times if you can.  If you'd like a bit more of my time, please call or email me to set up a specific time.

We are still practicing all safety measures in and around the church, especially as we keep an eye on recent developments with the Delta variant.  When you are in the building please wear a mask when others are around, santize your hands and sign in.  

I would love to hear from you, how your summer is going, what you've been up to.  Drop me an email if you can and let me know -

With peace this day, Ruthanne