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Well, it’s my turn this week and a little bird informed me, we should be relaying more information to our congregation to let you know what is happening at the church! I can assure you, that other than weekly or bi weekly meetings to keep on top of things, there has not been much happening over the past few weeks/months other than discussing and planning, which is why we have not sent anything out.  

The weekly newsletter, which comes from Rev. Ruthanne or Rev. Phil, in addition to Priest–On-the-Lawn when the weather became better, have been the chosen vehicles of communication while we have been under lockdown, and I believe this has been as transparent a means as possible, of communicating fully under the circumstances.  

However, things are changing and we now know we are permitted to re-open in September (with conditions) and we hope this will go ahead as planned, but everything is of course, as you will know, subject to change.

In preparation for this, we have, as of yesterday, been putting plans together for a cleansing and disinfecting protocol, after each service. While I am talking about services, we know we are allowed at this stage, to have 1/3 or 30% of the congregation attend which means we fully anticipate holding 2 services to take place on Sundays to accommodate this guideline, and there is some consideration being given for a midweek service too, depending on numbers of people requiring this.  

Something will be sent out closer to the time, asking you to sign up for services so we can ensure we do not exceed the stipulated amount of people allowed at each service, and we will, at the same time, be abiding by Ontario’s social distancing rule.  

Another item being worked on is the live streaming of the service online  which we anticipate, will be made available hopefully in September. As I said, nothing much happening over the past few weeks/months but things are now slowly, slowly coming together!  

I should also let you know our great coffee hours are not going to be able to be held after Sunday services at this time, in keeping with the ‘Diocesan Guidelines for Re-Opening’ and they have consulted with Public Health on all things related to churches reopening.  

In closing, please do not dismay, this is not forever and there will be an end to this, but it is fully intended to keep you safe during our return to worship.  Please keep the people of Ascension and our Rev. Ruthanne and Rev. Phil in your prayers as we strive to plan and open with care and safety.  

On behalf of the Wardens,

Warmly, Anne Paré  Peoples Warden